About Us

 Soft, plush dog toys have been a favorite of pets and their owners for years. They are entertaining and come in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes and colors. As attractive as these toys are to many pets and people, it often does not take much play time before the seams have ripped and the stuffing is all over the floor. I had stuffed and mended many torn toys for Lexy, our 18 pound schnoodle. Finally I decided that there had to be a better way. Within weeks I designed a fleece dog toy with no stuffing that was a hit with Lexy and the other pets in my neighborhood. Schnoodleware Dog Toys were born!


What sets Schnoodleware Dog Toys apart from the rest?

Let's face it. Soft, plush toys are not known for their durability. Many pet owners have told me that they stopped buying them because they simply don't last. Most times tears take place at the seams and let's face it. Soft, plush toys are not known for their durability. Many pet owners have told pillows of fluff end up covering the floor. Plush toys come in some very amusing and elaborate designs with multiple seams. The more seams a toy has the more likely it will be ripped open and lose its filling. Keeping this observation in mind I have tried to create a toy with as simple a design as possible. Schnoodleware Dog Toys are made out of 100% polyester fleece. This soft, durable fabric is double-layered and the seams are double-stitched. Our fleece dog toys have a simple design with very few seams. The best part of all is that Schnoodleware Dog Toys contain no stuffing!


Will a Schnoodleware Dog Toy last forever?

We feel that it is not fair for any dog toy manufacturer to make the claim that its toy is "indestructible." This is a very misleading statement. Chewing habits vary from breed to breed and dog to dog. Schnoodleware Dog Toys are assembled in the U.S.A. with the intention to last longer than your typical stuffed, plush dog toy giving your dog more play time. Many a skeptical dog owner who had sworn never to buy another soft dog toy again has been pleasantly surprised by the durability of these fleece toys. Schnoodleware is very proud of that!


Photograph © Dawn Norris, Absolutely Canine, Inc.